Seasonal bouquet option - $125

  • Spring (6 weeks from late May - late June)

  • Summer (6 weeks from early July - mid August)

  • Fall (6 weeks from Mid-August - September)

Frost to frost bouquet option $350 (18 weeks)

A regular bouquet will contain 5-7 gorgeous focal flowers alongside fresh herbs, greens and smaller blossoms. When larger blossoms such as sunflowers and dinnerplate dahlias are available, we will use 3-4 of these instead. We believe in self-care, and this option is perfect for someone who LOVES flowers as much as we do. We will be arranging and selecting flowers for you with balance and thoughtfulness! If you ever need an extra bouquet, let us know and you can share the flower joy with a friend. If you would like 2 petite bouquets instead of 1 regular, please let us know!

CSA bouquet subscription
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